Electric Milk Separator 100 l/h

Cream butter churn


This electric cream separator is developed to very carefully separate milk cream from skim milk with simultaneous purification from pollution. Made from qualitative raw materials and is known for smooth operation and durability.

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Cream separator can process 100 litters of milk per hour and is fitted with extra large milk tank capacity 12 l

The milk tank is made out of aluminum, the cabinet and other parts are made of high quality metal and some durable plastic parts.

However, milk contains fat in relatively small quantities, in the form of tiny balls that are the size of several microns, and separating them from the total mass is not easy.

How it works. A cream separator works by using centrifugal forces. Generally it spins raw milk in a container in a process that shoves the lighter butterfat globules to the outside part of the tub, from where they are siphoned off.

How to use products? Skim milk can and low fat cream immediately can be used for food(for coctails, drinking low fat milk, making low fat yogurt, fresh cheese, whipped cream). If fat content is 30-40%, then it is used to make butter.

Why drink skimmed milk and products from skimmed milk (yoghurt, soft cheese)

• Low fat milk, can contain as less as 0,05% fat, significally reduced cholesterol and fat.

• Skimmed milk stores almost all proteins, vitamins and minerals

• Produce natural low fat milk, yogurt, soft cheese

• Drink natural milk w/o hydrogen peroxide or other addictives

Who can benefit from low fat milk

• Bodybuilders & strength trainers

• People with higher cholesterol level

• Vegetarians

• Recreational exercisers and those new to weight/strength training

• Anyone else who is looking for a simple way to get natural protein in their diet

How to use Milk Cream Separator



Technical charasteristics

Max. milk output
100 l/h
Drum rotational speed, min-1
10500 rpm
Number of disks in drum
10 to 12 pcs
Milk bowl capacity
12 l
Max. butter-fat content in skimmed milk
0.05 %
Cream/skimmed milk volume proportion adjustment range
1:4 to 1:10
520 mm
Bowl diameter
365 mm



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Why to choose


  • QalityHigh quality materials and durability. Materials: stainless steel drumm and plates, metal and plastic casing, aluminium bowl

  • ServiceAvailable all spare parts and after sales service.
  • Different milk productsCan be used for wide range of products: cow, camel, goat and even coconut milk separation.
  • Fast deliveryFast or economic delivery delivery as customer desires.
  • Farms

    Ideal for farms, small producers, laboratories and educational institutions.



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