Recipe: How to make whipped Cream


 Whipped cream

Did you know that whipped cream can cost almost as much as 3,5 Euro at the store!? Did you also know that it takes maybe five minutes to make it? Imagine having fresh home made whipped cream to put on top of your cakes and candies! Here are a recipe to maka a frothy, dessert-like sweet topping for anything from puddings to jello without the extra fat and sugars, or preservatives!



1. 250 ml heavy cream

2. 1/3 cups sugar (Optional)

3. 1 pinch salt

4. The cream will expand into more so be careful how much cream you put in. It can multiply more than 2 times



1. Pour the 250 ml heavy cream into a large metal bowl

2. Add in about a 1/3 cup of sugar and a tiny pinch of salt. Adding more sugar will help thicken the mixture, but don't add too much. 3/4 a cup to a cup is too much.

3. Using a wire whisk or beater, whip the mixture together until you get soft peaks

4. Let sit in fridge to cool, then enjoy !



Cream should be cold(fridge temperature). If cream won't be cold enough it will multiply poorly, if it will be to cold then you can get butter instead.

Start on slow wire whisk speed, when wire whisk leaves tracks in cream turn higher speed, then highest.

If you wan't to get thick whipped cream you can add egg white

You should end whipping the same as started first slow down to middle speed, then to slowest.

Homemade whipped cream


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