How to make Soft Cheese 


How to make cheese through a very simple procedure? There are basically five steps to make cheese of any kind - heating, curdling, draining, pressing and refrigerating. Since there are so many varieties of cheese the question comes to mind is which one of them to make. To make any kind of cheese the basic process is same for all of them with few minor differences.

Homemade soft cheese

    Ingredients and Equipment:

        4 litters of milk, Bowl, Stainless steel pot, Cheese Cloth, Sieve, Starter (like lemon, vinegar or rennet), Thermometer (Optional)

    Five simple steps:

1. Heating: Take 4 liters of milk in a pot and heat it on stove at 55° Celsius. Keep stirring in between.

2. Curdling: Once the milk is warm enough add about four lemons orsome other starter like animal rennet to let the milk coagulate. After some more stirring remove it from stove and let it cool. You will see curds getting separated from whey (the liquid).

3. Draining: Keep the strainer in the bowl and place a clean cheese cloth on it and pour down the curds with whey into it. Hang the cloth with mouth tied on the top to let the whey drain out for about 1 to 2 hours. The time can vary depending on how much liquid is there in the bag.

4. Pressing: After the material gets dry take the curd out of the cloth and trasfer it into a bowl. You can now add salt or any other spices of your liking. Mix the ingredients and then press the cheese in a vessel of desired shape. Cover the cheese with a cloth or tissue. To press it well place some weight on its top(5-10 kg, or more).

5. Refrigerating: Keep the cheese in refrigerator for a day or two to let the cheese harden. The longer you keep the harder it gets. With this your cheese is ready. Remove from fridge whenever you want to use it.

Home made cheese 

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