How to make homemade Cream


How to make whipped cream

In home or a farm you can easily make you're own cream.

 For first recipe. You can make cream from whole milk without any additional equipment. All you need is whole milk and container.



1. Fill whole milk in container or bowl. Preferable high.

2. Let it sit for 8-24 hours. You can leave it in room temperature or in fridge. In fridge it will take more time for cream to rise to the surface.

3. Take a spoon and carefully skim cream from the top. If bowl is transparent, then you easily will see the line where cream starts.

4. You have separated cream from milk. There will be high fat percentage left in milk.


While cream sits don't stir it as it will mix with milk and won't sit on top

Cream could not be very usefull for making whipped cream(as for whipped cream fat content in cream must be atleast 30%)


Cream separation with Milk Cream Separator

With Cream Separator you can start separating at once after milking or later, as prefer.

What equipment is needed: separator, pot(to warm milk), smaller container for cream, larger container for skimmed milk, thermometer (optional)


1. Put Separator together as shown in instruction.

2. Warm milk in pot up to 35° - 45° C

3. Turn on separator and wait 1 minute while motor reach full rotation speed.

4. Put smaller container under upper tap and larger one under the lower tap(where skimmed milk will flow out)

5. Pour warm milk into separator's bowl, up to 12 liters in one time.

6. As a result you will get cream and skimmed, low fat milk.



In fridge cream will get thicker

If cream get's to thick you can thin down it with milk



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