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It can be used to pasteurise milk, make delicious cheese and yogurt, make other national milk based products.

Combines with Milk Cream Separator to make low fat and dietetic yogurts.


Price: 215 Euro

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Large 27 litre tank (28 quarts)

Variable temperature range from 30° up to 100° C

Integrated tap for practical filling

Enamelled housing, scratch-resistant

1800 W, Overheating protection


How it works. Kettle have special anti burning coating, that treats milk as tender as possible. With low cpacity heating element 1800 W, which is screwed in all bottom of the kettle to cover as much space as possible, what means, that milk will be heated as tender as possible.

How to use products? Pour milk into the kettle. If necessary pasterize, by turning temperature 80 C degrees for 40 mintes. To produce yogurt - cool milk till 40 C degrees, add rennet(can be used several table spoons of live yogurt) keep it in temperature 40 C degrees for 12-24 hours.


Technical charasteristics

• temperature regulator with precision thermostat
• pilot lamp, overheating protection
• closed pot bottom
• acid resistant 2 layer enamel coat

27 l
up to +100° C
Electric connection
230 V / 50 Hz
Electric capacity
1800 W
46 x 39 x 48 cm
5,9 kg



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Why to choose


  • Produce natural and delicious yogurt and cheese.

  • Easy to operate and make professional products fast.
  • aPrecise temperature regulation..
  • aSpecial acid resistant 2 layer enamel coat
  • Fast or economic delivery delivery as customer desires.
  • Ideal for farms, small producers, laboratories and educational institutions.



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