Milk Cream Separator 100 l/h

Electric Milk Cream Separator


This electric cream separator is developed to very carefully separate milk cream from skim milk with simultaneous purification from pollution. Made from qualitative raw materials and is known for smooth operation and durability.

Cream separator can process 100 litters of milk per hour and is fitted with extra large milk tank capacity 12 l.

The milk tank is made out of aluminum, the cabinet and other parts are made of high quality metal and some durable plastic parts.

Durable metal and plastic casing 255 Euro Place Order




Home Milk Pasteurizer - Cheese VAT 27 l

Milk Pasteurizer Cheese Vat


It can be used to pasteurise milk, make delicious cheese and yogurt, make other national milk based products.

Combines with Milk Cream Separator to make low fat and dietetic yogurts.

Large 27 liter tank (28 quarts) Variable temperature range from 30° up to 100° C. Integrated tap for practical filling. Acid resistant 2 layer enamel coat, 1800 W, Overheating protection

Pasteurizer Cheese VAT 215 Euro Place Order




Electric Butter Churn 11 l

Electric Butter churn


Electric butter churn is intend to make natural butter.

Can make butter from skimmed raw milk or cream(if you use milk separator).Large tank volume 11 liter, can fill up to 6 liter cream in one time.

The delicious taste of fresh homemade butter is available in only 15-30 minutes. Just plug it in and the motor does all the work!

Electric buuter churn 185 Euro Place Order




Order Dairy Processor Master KIT and save 15%


Dairy processor Master kit

Eelctric Milk Cream separator 80 l/h- 225 Euro

Eelctric Milk pasteurizer - Cheese VAT - 215 Euro

Eelctric Butter churn 11 l - 185 Euro

Total - 530 Euro..... Save 95 Euro! Place Order




Milk separator 600 l/h

Commercial grade milk separator is specially designes, that closed type motor doesn’t contact. It’s lifetime is nearly unlimited!

External speed regulation 6000-7500 rpm, let’s you regulate fat conent as required. All parts (Except top bowl – food safe aluminium) is made entirely from stainless steel.


Milk separator 600 l

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Electric Butter Churn 50 - 100 l

Professional home Ice cream machine

Commercial butterchurns 50 and 100 liter device for professional user.The processing of 15 to 50 liters of cream in a single filling.

Electric butterchurns are made entirely of food grade stainless steel.


Electric Butter churn 50 l

Electric Butter churn 100 l

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Dairy pasteurizing kettles 90 l / 120 l / 150 l


Stainless steel Ice cream machine

Double-walled with glycerine filling. Available in a stationary or driving around. The three rotating wheels with brakes. No need for service - machine is heated via glycerine and therefore heating element don't get lime sediments as otker kettles with steam or water coating.

Temperature regulation up to 118° C. Easy to use and clean.

Commercial double wall kettle 90 l

Commercial double wall kettle 120 l

Commercial double wall kettle 150 l

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